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Welcome to Mental Help New York!

Current hours:

Manhattan Office:Mondays and

Thursdays: 9-3:30 P.M.

CURRENTLY Anger Management Individual Class is open:

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I, Isabella Davydova L.M.H.C., am dedicated to provide my clients with the guidance they need and the attention they deserve. 

We offer private consultations in a relaxed atmosphere.  

We assist our patients in many areas including but not limited to the following: 

Stress ·· Chronic Disorder · Anger management · Depression · Anxiety disorder · Panic attacks · Eating disorders · Schizophrenia · · PTSD · Impulse control disorders · Physical abuse · Emotional abuse · Sexual abuse · Addictions · Relationship management · Divorce/Marriage/Dating · Job Loss · Job Coaching · Death of a Loved One 

forward. I help my clients clearly identify the causes of their problems and provide lively, solution focused, feedback during our sessions. 

Many of my clients see the tremendous value of our sessions in which they learn how to make positive changes in their lives by putting specific solution oriented strategies into action. My clients learn that discovering the past or present reasons why they are unhappy or stressed is not the only goal of therapy.

I will help you clearly see the ways in which YOU are in charge of your destiny. I am committed to seeing you succeed in restoring your sense of well-being and together we work as a team toward that goal.     

At Mental Help New York, you are never alone. I will help you break through the loneliness, despair, feelings of anxiety and unhappiness. So, take a deep breath, and rest assured knowing that you made the best choice by seeking us out.

We offer:

  • Individual, family and couple therapy.

  • E-

  • Short and Long term treatment.

Local references available.

Email us today for a FREE initial consultation! or Counseling session. Please briefly state your reason for seeking therapy and how you think therapy will help you. I will respond back to your email shortly.

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Patricia said on Jun 21, 2012 10:58 AM

Isabella, beautiful website and wonderful information you posted... very generous and healing :) I wish you much success in your practice as you are a wonderfully compassionate healer... good for you and good for your patients : )) Hugs Patricia

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